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Email Compliance and Management in Education by Angela Herring on 05/12/07

This paper will examine email management practices and the impact government regulations pose on educational institutions. Along the way we will look at effective ways to introduce compliance strategies into an email management plan.

The responsibility of email management from a security standpoint is a textbook case for incorporating the well-known CIA triad as an information security strategy. Responsibilities include “keeping email messages confidential, maintaining the integrity of the application, and ensuring that records of communication are available for some period of time.” (Sullivan, 2006) If an institution incorporates sound email management practices in the areas of email security and policy, this will in turn encompass compliance issues.

The regulation that has the most significant impact on email management for educational institutions is FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which “is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.” (FERPA)

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