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Server Virtualization and Information Security Concerns by Daniel James on 08/04/08

Virtualization is an emerging technology that is still being evaluated for usefulness and cost effectiveness by many companies. We will discuss the two largest server virtualization products on the market today. These products are VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2. We will do a comprehensive review of these products outlining the features and costs of each. We will also touch on the benefits of server virtualization and how it can save money. Also covered in this area will be some examples of how server virtualization may not be a good choice for certain server configurations. We will outline the pros and cons of each product and also talk about the security risks and threats that arise from virtualization. We will also cover the misconception that virtualization actually reduces security risks. The fact is that virtualization has its own set of security risks and may not be a good option for certain types of servers.

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