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Three Linux Security Basics by Jeff S. Drake on 28/04/08

The desktop has been dominated by the Microsoft’s Window’s platform for many years. The server room, although not as much so, has been equally affected by Microsoft’s server operating systems. This being said, an increasing interest and implementation of Linux as an alternative in the server room is becoming more common place as an alternative to both Microsoft and Unix operating systems. However, one of the issues in adopting Linux often cited is the lack of trained personnel to support the operating system since much of the IT training centers around Microsoft products for arguably understandable reasons. The author’s IT department is one of those shops that is adopting Linux in its server room to go alongside Microsoft and Unix systems. A concern though is having a clear plan outlined to secure the Linux systems as they are implemented. This paper will outline basic security issues and concerns as they relate to Linux server security and tools and techniques that can be implemented to harden the system. Specifically, this paper will focus on the administrative user account, file system permissions and firewall configuration.

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