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A Guide E-Mail Systems and Security by Brian Donadio on 04/05/08

Electronic Mail is quite arguably the most important application for personal and business communication across the Internet. People depend on it for sending text, image and even sound files quickly to their destinations. This is a far cry from the Postal Service and even the Pony Express for delivering messages to their destinations in days or even weeks.

E-Mail was designed to be both easy to use and quick for fast end to end message delivery. Because of these factors E-Mail does not have many built in security measures by default. Barebones E-Mail services do not provide non-repudiation between the sender and receiver. They also fail at providing encryption to protect the clear text nature of E-Mail as it traverses the Internet.

The goal of this paper will be to provide secure methods of sending and receiving E-Mail over the Internet. This will include both server/provider technologies, as well as, end user client solutions to encompass E-Mail technology as a whole. E-Mail is a convenient technology that most people rely on for communication today, but it can come at a cost if poor security measures are taken.

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