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Failed: Information Security and Data Protection in a Consumer Digital World by Rafal Los on 15/12/08

Information Security is in deep, deep trouble. Computer users are apathetic to the rampant theft of information and identities, and the issue has become background noise in the news.

As insane as that sounds, ask someone who regularly reads the media when the last time they read about information theft was…then ask them their reaction. Perhaps the thing that should shock you more than anything is the fact that John and Jane Consumer just don’t care – they’ve become apathetic to the mountains of news articles and media hype around information theft, identity theft, and fraud going on in the digital world.

Every day we hear about it on the news, read about it in the papers, get it in our RSS readers, and talk about it at the water cooler. Stolen identities. The bad news is everywhere and unfortunately… people are starting to dull to it. The problem is that the shock value of people’s identities being stolen is starting to wear off.

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