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Securing a Virtual Environment by Brian Fowler on 22/04/09

Abstract: In today’s world many corporations are moving into the realm of virtualization. Although this new technology allows companies to reproduce many different virtual servers and desktops, it also creates new problems in the ways of security. In this paper we will take a look at exactly what virtualization is, as it is applies to servers and desktops. Through this we will learn of the various problem and vulnerabilities that virtualization will cause. Knowing the problems with virtual systems, we will answer the real question how can a virtual environment be secured. Follow with me as we take an in depth at virtualization and the means of securing it.

Virtualization is an older technology that has been around for years. “Virtualization dates back to the mid-1960s and IBM’s virtual machine-enabled operating systems for mainframes.”[1] Many administrators have been using this technology on large super computers. It is only in the last few years have implemented it on servers and started using it on a lager scale.

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