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Firewall & Perimeter Protection
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Title Contributor Date Description Rating
What is a Firewall? A high level explanation of firewall technologies and their features B. Scott Wilson 05/09/02 A paper that touches on the definition of firewalls and looks at their technologies and purposes in the industry. The author also gives a diagrammatic explanation of network address translation (NAT). 8
PIX Introduction Daniel B. Cid 10/11/03 Introduction on basic configurations and setup for the Cisco PIX firewall. 9
Configuring IPSec on PIX Daniel B. Cid 12/11/03 Include 4 steps: Preparing to VPN, configuring IKE, configuring IPSec, allowing IPSec traffic 9
Sending IPv6 Packets to Check Firewall Rules Laurent Constantin 13/05/04 Looks at how firewall rules can be tested by sending specifically configured (IPv6) packets via the multifunctional “Netwox” utility. 10
Defense In Depth Randy Stauber 19/05/04 Looks at various technologies that comprise effective perimeter and data protection. 8
Web application defense at the gates – Leveraging IHttpModule Shreeraj Shah 21/03/05 An insightful look into using the IHttpModule for web application security. 8
Using Perl, Postgres and SQL to build a Comprehensive, Searchable Database of Firewall Activity on a Checkpoint firewall on the Cheap Thomas Munn 23/12/07 The purpose of this paper, written by Thomas Munn, is to help instruct the reader in how to use Postgres and Perl to have a queryable database using checkpoint Firewall log files. 9
Firewall & Perimeter Protection - Community Contributions
Title Contributor Date Description Rating
Firewalls for Small Business James Thomas 31/07/04 A high level paper on what firewalls are, the different types of firewalls, and who needs them. 8
Protection at the Perimeter – One Link in the Defense-in-Depth Chain Paul Kincaid 14/08/04 This paper describes a facet of firewall configuration that is missed a fair amount of time - not only limiting what comes into the network, but also what is allowed out. No votes
Securing Your WiFi Network Without Breaking the Bank Steve Lord 03/04/05 Whitepaper on securing wireless networks at minimal cost without the need for a 'scalable enterprise solution' from a snake-oil vending wireless security product salesperson. 5
Perimeter Router Security Aditya Sood 08/12/05 Aditya Sood submits this write up on Cisco Express Forwarding, Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding, TCP Intercept, Network Address Translation, Committed Access Rate, and Logging. 7
Firewall Technologies and Securing a Classroom Lab Thomas S. Adeimy 13/12/05 Thomas Adeimy describes his adventure in obtaining a networked calssroom to teach in. This paper provides an example and approach to requesting and acquiring the required materials. 5
Securing your Linksys WRT54G Rick Wanner 23/12/05 Rick Wanner submits this guide on hardening a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. 10
An Analysis of Ipfilters, Ipchains and Iptables Charles Moore 27/12/05 This submission discusses the history, differences, and usability of the IPFilters, IPChains, and IPTables firewalls submitted by Charles Moore. 5
Firewalls for the Home & Small Business Gordon Giles 09/01/06 Gordon Giles submits this research that will elaborate on some of the better software and hardware firewalls on the market. 7
Managing Windows XP Firewall Through Command-Line Pavan Shah 25/01/06 Pavan Shah contributes this document which introduces functionalities of Windows XP’s native netsh command. 7

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