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Title Contributor Date Description Rating
Wireless Infidelity Randy Stauber 23/05/04 Looks at the growth and future of Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi), its basic flaws and security issues, and the best ways to secure a Wi-Fi network. 8
Wireless Security 'Black Paper' Trey Azariah Dismukes 14/02/04 Attempts to shed light about wireless networking security in an enterprise environment. 9
Wireless Security - Thoughts on Risks & Solutions Kenneth Newman 05/11/02 Kenneth Newman - involved with information security risk management - gives a presentation which highlights the risks (and solutions) organizations face with the ever evolving wireless technology. Statistics & links are provided. 9
Wireless Security - Community Contributions
Title Contributor Date Description Rating
A Brief Guide to Securing Wireless Networks: Closing the Back Door Aaron Sawyer 13/05/08 This paper, written by Aaron Sawyer, aims to give a brief history of wireless security, educate the WLAN administrator about the dangerous vulnerabilities of wireless networking, and make practical suggestions about how to close the door on potential intruders. 10
Privacy? Protecting Consumer Data in a Wireless World Robin Waddell Link 25/03/08 Robin Link submits this paper on the personal information vulnerable over wireless retail networks and how PCI plays a part in all of it. No votes
Session Hijacking in Wireless Networks Manmohan PV 19/12/07 Manmohan PV submits this paper that describes how one can hijack a session using several tools and how one could avaid this. 8
Securing your Linksys WRT54G Rick Wanner 05/10/07 This is an update to a previously submitted paper on securing a Linksys WRT54G wireless router by Rick Wanner. 2
CDMA versus TDMA Sabareeshwar Natarajan 03/01/07 This paper, written by Sabareeshwar Natarajan, discusses CDMA and TDMA, describing each one, the benefits and the usage. 8
Radio Frequency Interference and its Use as a Weapon Helen Gantt 16/08/06 In this paper, Helen Gantt will discuss RF emitters, how they might be used, and why an attacker would consider this technology as a weapon. 6
Bluetooth Security Colleen Rhodes 01/08/06 This paper, written by Colleen Rhodes, will explain what Bluetooth is, how it works, and some of the vulnerabilities and risks associated with it. 9
Wireless Networking for Small Businesses Rusty Morgan 11/07/06 Rusty Morgan writes this paper which looks at the potential benefits and security issues of wireless networking from the perspective of small and medium businesses. 10
Security Analysis of Wireless Modulation Techniques Prentice Tyndall 12/06/06 In this article, Prentice Tyndall discusses the radio modulation schemes behind wireless networking and look at the security vulnerabilities behind these schemes as they apply to wireless topologies. Also discussed are the history of wireless modulation techniques and discover why the wireless frontier has arrived to the place that it is today. 9
Wireless Attacks Dan Schade 07/06/06 Dan Schade submits this work demonstrating tools and techniques used in wireless attacks. 8
The Securities and Insecurities of Wireless Networks Today Ashley Carr 29/05/06 Ashley Carr submits this paper which is a step by step guide to securing wireless networks using a Linksys Wireless access point. 7
Potential Security Vulnerabilities of a Wireless Network in a Military Healthcare Facility Jason Meyer 27/04/06 This paper, submitted by Jason Meyer, will look into the regulations governing data security on a military network as well as a military healthcare network. 8
Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems Jeff Dixon 20/04/06 Jeff Dixon contributes this paper on Wireless IDS that includes discussion on incident response and policy for wireless. 8
Wireless Data Network Security for Hospitals Jody Edward Barnes 23/12/05 Jody Barnes submits this paper suggest some solutions that could help institutions meet HIPAA requirements. 10
Wireless Security Hodgepodge Glenn Royster 22/07/05 Glenn Royster submits this well written 'everything you should know' about wireless paper. Covers most 802.11 technologies as well as Bluetooth. 9
Increasing Security Awareness: Visualizing WEP Insecurity Hal Walter 21/08/04 This article describes how one can setup and perform a small wireless demonstration that is quick and easy to perform with a good visual result to trigger the attention of your co-workers. The goal of the setup is to demonstrate a well-known WEP vulnerability (802.11b). 6
Wireless Scanning Wardriving / Warchalking Danny aka Dr.T 15/10/02 Explains what the common methods for wireless scanning are, and how to get protected against them as well. 9
Wireless Security & Hacking Danny aka Dr.T 17/09/02 This article deals with WLAN security, explains the most common attack techniques and introduces some useful tools. 1

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