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Title Contributor Date Description Rating
Protected – but 0wned: A Real-world Example of Today’s Desktop Security Anton Chuvakin 04/05/07 Anton Chuvakin writes this brilliant example of a step by step approach to identfying and resolve an intrusion in to a fully patched Windows XP SP2 system. 10
Using Linux VMware and SMART to Create a Virtual Computer to Recreate a Suspect's Computer Ernest Baca 15/02/03 This paper donated by Andrew Rosen of ASRData, details '...a step-by-step procedure on how to create a virtual computer out of your suspect's machine and image your suspect's machine at the same time for forensic analysis.' It is a system called SMART forensics. 9
FTP Attack Case Study Part II: the Lessons Anton Chuvakin 29/10/02 Computer forensics investigation was undertaken and results are presented. The paper provides an opportunity to follow the trail of incident response for a real case. Lessons on designing and implementing security are drawn from this. 9
FTP Attack Case Study Part I: the Analysis Anton Chuvakin 04/10/02 Covers a detailed case study of a hacker penetration with network and hard drive forensics, hacker tool analysis and network infrastructure analysis. 9
Know Your Enemy: A Forensic Analysis Lance Spitzner 05/09/02 The purpose here is to inform you of computer forensic skills necessary to analyze and learn on your own the threats your organization faces. 9
Forensics - Community Contributions
Title Contributor Date Description Rating
Computer Forensics: Breaking Down the 1’s and 0’s of Cyber Activity for Potential Evidence Joseph Coward 17/04/09 Joseph Coward submits this research paper on Computer Forensics and the the importance it now has in a digital world. It highlights how to identify, collect and perserve digital evidence. 2
Computer Forensics Procedures, Tools, and Digital Evidence Bags: What They Are and Who Should Use Them Brett Pladna 08/05/08 This paper, written by Brett Pladna, will try to demonstrate the importance of computer forensics by describing procedures, tools and differences in the use for individuals/small organizations vs. large organizations. 7
Forensically Unrecoverable Hard Drive Data Destruction Daniel James 22/12/06 This paper, written by Daniel James, is a good introduction in to data destruction and recovery touching on the basics with good references defined for further research. 9
Computer Forensics For Law Enforcement Hassel Stacy Jr. 27/06/06 Hassel Stacy submits this discussion paper on forensics and laws surrounding it. 6
Magnetic Data Recovery – The Hidden Threat Joshua J. Sawyer 12/04/06 In presenting the dangers of magnetic data recovery, this paper, submitted by Jashua Sawyer, gives the reader a descriptive, yet active view. The methods themselves are described, as well as possible avenues of action that can be used to prevent and mitigate this type of security breach via real-life examples from the field. 2
Autopsy of a successful intrusion (well, two actually) Floydman 05/09/02 A complete breakdown and analysis of two successful attacks. 9

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