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Title Contributor Date Description Rating
Securing MAC OS X Stephen de Vries 05/09/05 Corsaire has submitted this fully updated version of their guide to securing Mac OS X to cover the new security features offered by Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (such as ACLs). 9
Stopping Automated Attack Tools Gunter Ollmann 25/05/05 Gunter Ollmann has provided this paper on how to protect ones company against attacks from common attack tools. 9
Defending Web Services using Mod Security (Apache) Methodology and Filtering Techniques Shreeraj Shah 19/01/05 A technical guideline on applying security to Apache. Well written by an industry recognized expert! 9
System Security - Community Contributions
Title Contributor Date Description Rating
Securing Mobile Devices: Be Smarter Than Your Smartphone Duwane A. Brown 16/10/08 Duwane Brown submits this paper on security surrounding Mobile Devices. 9
Portable Operating Systems and Information Security Risks Thomas Hyslip 15/10/08 This paper, written by Thomas Hyslip, examines the threat of portable operating systems to computers and computer networks, as well as the security measures available to prevent such exploits. 10
Security Needs in Embedded Systems Anoop MS 07/05/08 The paper discusses the hardware and software security requirements in an embedded device that are involved in the transfer of secure digital data. The paper gives an overview on the security processes like encryption/decryption, key agreement, digital signatures and digital certificates that are used to achieve data protection during data transfer. The paper also discusses the security requirements in the device to prevent possible physical attacks to expose the secure data such as secret keys from the device. The paper also briefs on the security enforced in a device by the use of proprietary security technology and also discusses the security measures taken during the production of the device. No votes
Three Linux Security Basics Jeff S. Drake 28/04/08 This paper, written by Jeff Drake, outlines some basic security issues and concerns as they relate to Linux server security and tools and techniques that can be implemented to harden the system. 8
Server Virtualization and Information Security Concerns Daniel James 08/04/08 Daniel James and William J. Sparks discusses virtualization, the benefits, security and financial imapact. 10
Recipe for Mobile Data Security Tom Olzak 16/10/07 In this paper, Tom Olzak explores the challenges facing security managers responsible for laptop data security, TPM technology, and how the features of a TPM can integrate with Microsoft’s Bitlocker and Active Directory technologies to provide for more secure data on the road. No votes
Top 10 Application Security Vulnerabilities in Web.config Files – Part Two Bryan Sullivan 21/05/07 Part 2 of Bryan Sullivan's (from Spi Dynamics) Top 10 Application Security Vulnerabilities in Web.Config files. 7
The SCADA Security Challenge: The Race is On Steven S Smith 04/12/06 This paper, written by Steven Smith, will take a risk-based approach to examine some of the challenges we face in securing SCADA. It will focus on some of the technical issues and challenges (or vulnerabilities), the individuals that are interested in compromising these systems (the threat), and what steps one can take (mitigating controls) to secure and maintain control of this critical infrastructure. 10
Implementation of a File Integrity Check System Don Mosley 28/07/06 This paper, written by Don Mosley, will outline mechanisms and practices for effective file integrity checking. 8
Fundamentals of Storage Media Sanitation Tom Olzak 06/06/06 In this paper, Tom Olzak defines media sanitation and how it fits into an overall security program. Next, he examines how attackers can extract information from electronic media—even after it’s been overwritten. Finally, he explores ways one can protect their organization from attacks—both casual and highly motivated. 4
Oracle Database Security Nathan Aaron 19/04/06 Nathan Aaron submits this paper on Oracle security discussing permission, architecture and more. 7
SSH Password Guessing: Linux Compromise and Forensics Jamie Riden 31/01/06 Jamie Riden submits this paper which takes an in-depth look at the compromise of a Debian Linux server on an internal network. 7
Hardening Windows NT Aelphaeis Mangarae 06/01/06 Aelphaeis Mangarae submits this guide to hardening Windows NT systems. It includes recomendations on passwords, virus, firewall, services, IIS, Service Pack 2 and other topics. 10
SE Linux in Action Dimitry Snezhkov 06/01/06 Dimitry Snezhkov discusses the ideas behind SELinux and show how to configure and manage an SELinux system for transparently securing existing applications as well as new ones. 7
Wireless Handheld Device Security Tom Olzak 03/01/06 The purpose of this paper, contributed by Tom Olzak, is to help identify some of those challenges and to provide recommendations for reducing the associated risks to your business. 10
Demystifying SE Linux Abhishek Singh 21/12/05 Ever curious what SE Linux is or how to use it? Read Abhishek Singh's paper. 8
OS Security Considerations Mohammad Heidari 05/07/05 Mohammad Heidari presents his work on Operating System Security Considerations. This paper discusses shares, memory, access control and other areas that must be considered when it comes to securing a system. 10
Implementing and Maintaining AIX Security Policies Andre Derek Protas 28/07/04 This paper outlines the basic security steps one should take to secure AIX. Includes processes and technical controls. 9

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