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Title Contributor Date Description Rating
How to Write an Acceptable Use Policy Charles Hornat 22/08/05 Charles Hornat contributes this paper on tips to writing an effective Acceptable Use Policy. 9
Building and Implementing a Successful Information Security Policy Dancho Danchev 22/06/03 The purpose of this paper is to outline the strategies and managing processes behind implementing a successful Security Policy. 9
Policy - Community Contributions
Title Contributor Date Description Rating
Information Security Policy for Small Business Bruce Waugh 17/10/08 Bruce Waugh submits this paper which discusses the different types of policies and implementation of those policies for small businesses. 10
Internet Acceptable Use Policies Christopher Baines Sykes 21/12/05 Everything you need to know about Internet AUPs written by by Christopher Sykes. 10
Abuse in the Work Place Dan Morrill 08/05/06 Off the norm for ISW, but Dan Morrill submits this paper on abuse (violence, harrasment, etc) in the workplace which is something that must be considered when writing policies. 10
ISO 17799: Scope and implementation Part 1 Security Policy Gregory Yhan 14/10/05 Gregory Yhan submits this overview of the ISO17799's Information Security Policy requirements. 8
The Effect of Compliance on Database Integrity, Security and Administration Patti Jessup 08/07/07 Patti Jessup writes this intriguing paper on compliance requirements and databases in todays world. 6
Internet Acceptable Use Policies: Drawing the line Raymond Pitzen 12/05/12 Raymond Pitzen submits this paper on Acceptable Use Policies and things to consider when creating your own. No votes

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