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Encryption - Community Contributions
Title Contributor Date Description Rating
Securing a Virtual Environment Brian Fowler 22/04/09 In this paper, written by Brian Fowler, we will take a look at exactly what virtualization is, as it is applies to servers and desktops. Through this we will learn of the various problem and vulnerabilities that virtualization will cause. 8
Shedding Light on Quantum Cryptography Curby Simerson 14/08/09 Curby Simerson submits this paper on the introduction to Quantum Cryptography. 8
Distinguishing attack on FastFlex stream cipher Mohammad Ali Orumieh Chi Ha 25/07/07 Fastflex is a fast and flexible stream cipher that is designed for hardware and software environments. In this article,written by Mohammad Ali Orumieh Chi Ha, we point out that the keystream generated from FastFlex can be distinguished from a truly random stream with probability 1 and a few output streams. 10
Experimental Review of IPSec Features to Enhance IP Security Shilpa Nandamuri 26/07/10 Shilpa Nandamuri writes this paper that discusses IPSEC, how it works and touches on IKE, AHs and ESP for those not familair with it. 10

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