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Title Contributor Date Description Rating
Application Security - Community Contributions
Title Contributor Date Description Rating
Analysis of Malicious Software Infections Kenneth Davis 29/11/11 Kenneth Davis submits this paper on a study of Malicious Softwares. He discussed the threats and ways to help mitigate the risks associated. 9
DoS! Denial of Service Kevin Hattingh 27/11/11 Kevin Hattingh submits this educational paper on DoS. He includes a dmonstration as well as how it is being used in modern day attacks. 9
Investigating the SANS/CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors List Fred W. Williams Jr. 21/04/09 Fred Williams submits this paper on 25 of the most dangerous programming erros and will provide education to software developers, testers and project management that will lead to more secure software for the most sensitive customer facing web applications. 10
Hacking Tools & Techniques and How to Protect Your Network from Them Aaron Sigmon 20/04/09 Aaron Sigmon submits his research paper on Hacking Tools & Techniques and How to Protect Your Network from Them. 7
Exploring Below the Surface of the GIFAR Iceberg Ron Brandis 08/04/09 Ron Brandis presents his research and findings on GIFAR. No votes
Web 2.0 Attacks Revealed Kiran Maraju 15/09/08 This paper details various security concerns and risks associated with web 2.0 technologies such as Asynchronous Java script and XML (AJAX), Syndication, aggregation and notification of data in RSS or Atom feeds, mashups created by merging content from different sources. This paper also describes the security implications leading with the usage of web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX, RSS, and Mashups. 9
Berkeley Packet Filters - The Basics Jeff Stebelton 20/08/08 Jeff Stebelton submits this paper on BPF's and a detailed outline of what they are and what they do. No votes
Web Application Security: Don't Bolt It On; Build It In Caleb Sima 19/06/08 Caleb Sima submits this paper on Web applications and their inherent risks associated, specifically when security is introduced after development. 10

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