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Title Contributor Date Description Rating
Why You Need an Email Exploit Detection Engine: Networks Must Supplement Anti-Virus Protection for Maximum Security GFI Software Ltd 04/09/02 Virus-writers are using increasingly complex and sophisticated techniques in their bid to circumvent anti-virus software and disseminate their viruses. This paper examines how anti-virus software, though essential, cannot combat such threats and shows why an email exploit detection tool is also necessary. 9
One Virus Engine Is Not Enough: The Case for Maximizing Network Protection with Multiple Anti-Virus Scanners GFI Software Ltd 04/09/02 These tests show that each virus scanner presents its own strengths and weaknesses meaning no single anti-virus engine can fully protect against all possible threats 8
Protecting your network against email threats: GFI Software Ltd 04/09/02 This white paper describes various methods used by email viruses and worms to penetrate a protected network. 9
E-mail Security: Threats Facing the Corporate Email System GFI Software Ltd 22/10/02 Provides useful background information on email security issues; helps to examine the security threats facing one’s corporate email system and determine what kind of email security solution may be necessary. 3
The problems with secure e-mail ArticSoft Ltd 07/09/02 This paper gives "problem solving strategies" for securing e-mail. 8
Why anti-virus software is not enough GFI Software Ltd 09/09/02 Explains why anti-virus software alone is not enough to protect your organization against the current and future onslaught of computer viruses. Examining the different kinds of email attacks that threaten today's organizations, this paper describes the need for a solid server-based content-checking solution to safeguard your business against email viruses and attacks. 5
S/MIME – great idea, pity about the implementation ArticSoft Ltd 09/02/03 The S/MIME standard seems an attractive proposition for providing simple signature and encryption ‘envelope’ functions for e-mail...however, it remains a challenge to get one e-mail provider working successfully with another. 6
Email security - SSL 3.1 / TLS 1.0 deployment Ian Briggs 25/03/03 Addresses several security policies that concern the secure transmission of email between client(s) and server(s) and transmission between one or more servers. 9
Internet Hoaxes Charles Hornat 13/05/03 An Internet hoax is basically an email meant to deceive or threaten the user into performing a specific action. In this quick presentation, Charles Hornat explains Internet hoaxes and how to identify them. Two examples will also be dissected in order to see the steps taken to determine their validity (or lack thereof). 9
Secure Web Based Mail Services Keith Pasley, CISSP 24/01/04 One of the more common access to email today is via web browser and web based email access. What security issues should be kept in mind when developing or designing web mail systems? 8
Collaboration in a Secure Development Process Part 1 Gunnar Peterson 25/07/04 Collaboration in a Secure Development Process(June 2004), by Gunnar Peterson: the first in a three part series on collaboration between security and development in the enterprise software development lifecycle. 9
Why Bayesian Filtering GFI Software Ltd 16/02/05 Submitted by GFI, Description: This white paper describes how Bayesian filtering works and explains why it is the best way to combat spam. No votes
How to Block NDR Spam GFI Software Ltd 10/07/08 In this paper, submitted by GFI, They provide a technical explanation of NDR Spam and recommend solutions that can prevent or limit exposure to this kind of unsolicited email. 6
Email Security - Community Contributions
Title Contributor Date Description Rating
Tracking the source of email spam Ed Falk 05/09/02 Spammers often forge the headers of their email in an attempt to avoid losing their accounts and to evade email filters. These notes may help you track the source of spam. 7
Tracing an e-mail message Gandalf The White O 05/09/02 Spam mail, message ID and tracing email 9
Combating SPAM Problems in a Corporate Environment Brien M. Posey 11/07/03 A paper on reducing the problems caused by unsolicted mail on a Microsoft Exchange system. No votes
Encapsulating Security Payload: Strengths and Weaknesses Shawn W. Toderick 29/07/04 A paper submitted as a University Term paper, that contains great research on the strengths and weaknesses of Encapsulated Security Payload. 10
SPAM: It’s not just for breakfast anymore. Kurt E. Berger 29/07/04 A great overview of Spam that contains many statistics on who the spammers are, why they are doing it, and the costs associated. 10
Identifying Dangerous EMail Robert Drum 14/01/05 this article explains several social engineering attacks executed via email and is targeted at security novices. In my experience, this is information valuable to people outside the security field, mostly those who lack formal IT training and use computers as means to various ends without being motivated by technology. 9
Email, Instant Messaging, and Dependence Issues: The 'Basics' for Communication and Need for Information Security Sam Cook 28/12/05 This paper by Sam Cook, will examine the effects of new technologies on communication within organizations, specifically e-commerce organizations, with the issues surrounding security. 8
Anti Spamming Techniques Sumit Siddharth 28/06/06 In this article, wirtten by Sumit Siddharth, somme of the existing methods to identify an email as a spam are examined. 6
Some Psychological Factors of Successful Phishing Don Mosley 30/06/06 This paper, written by Don Mosley, will look at some of the psychological mechanisms involved in these types of scams and what the future might hold. No votes
Fighting Spam Benny C. Rayner 04/09/06 Benny Rayner submits this work on the study of spam, where it comes from, what it usually is and etc. 2
Intent Based Filtering of Spam Priyanka Agrawal 27/12/06 This paper, written by Priyanka Agrawal, discusses Intent Based Filtering of spam, where the intention of the mail is identified. Intent-Based Filtering employs artificial intelligence technology to recognize spam messages like a human reader would, and quickly eliminate them from the email stream. 5
E -Mail Security for the 21 st Century Eric Christensen 27/04/07 Eric Christensen submits this paper on email security that discuss PGP, SMIME, and Enigmail. 10
Securing the E-Mail System in the Healthcare Organization Karen Watson 02/08/07 This research paper, by Karen Watson, presents the uses of the e-mail system in a health care organization, the challenges of the e-mail system in the heath care organization and the preventative actions necessary to secure the e-mail system in the healthcare organization. 7
Email Compliance and Management in Education Angela Herring 05/12/07 This paper, contributed by Angela Herring, examines email management practices and the impact government regulations pose on educational institutions. 10
A Guide E-Mail Systems and Security Brian Donadio 04/05/08 Brian Donadio contributes his paper which provides information on secure methods of sending and receiving E-Mail over the Internet. 9

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