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Malware / Malicious Code
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Title Contributor Date Description Rating
'The Complete Windows Trojans Paper' Dancho Danchev 24/10/02 Discusses Windows Trojans: how they work, their variations and, strategies to minimize risk of infection. Links to special detection software are included. 8
Endpoint Protection: New Approaches to Best Practices Larz 01/11/02 Covers the importance of desktop policy enforcement and presents a workable model for all skill ranges of security administrators to utilize for 'endpoint protection'. 7
Don’t Take Code Red Lightly Larz 28/03/03 This paper analyzes the patterns of emerging malware and presents a strategy to assist network and security administrators in addressing “new” yet old threats. 1
Reverse Engineering a Purported Microsoft Security Patch Charles Hornat 17/07/03 This paper examines and dissects a malicious package sent as an email supposedly from Microsoft 3
The Coming Age of Defensive Worms David J. Meltzer 19/08/03 Presentation covering the history of good worms, the problems with defensive worms, how defensive worm problems are solved and possible evolutionary steps. 9
A Closer Look at the Worm_Mimail.A Charles Hornat 13/09/03 Charles Hornat writes: 'While at SANS in Washington DC in July, I took a class given by Lenny Zeltser. A true genius when it comes to reverse engineering malware. So using some of his techniques, I have reverse engineered a recent Internet threat' 8
Worms of the future - Trying to exorcise the worst Nicolas Stampf 14/11/03 The security (or lack of) within computer systems and an attempt to predict the worst possible future of mobile and hostile code such as worms; provides hints on solutions that could be used in defense against new threats. 3
Simulating and Optimising Worm Propagation Algorithms Tom Vogt 18/12/03 Describes a series of simulations run to estimate various worm growth patterns and their corresponding propagation algorithms. Also tests and verifies the impact of various improvements, starting from a trivial simulation of worm propagation…to more refined models. 9
The Killer Virus Mike Lee & Brian Hitchen 25/03/04 From a UK perspective, Mike Lee et al. looks at the probable future of a devastating virus,how it may be released and the excessively large scale havoc it can reek. 7
The Art of Rootkits (2nd ed) Marcus Unknown 06/04/04 Guide to understanding what rootkits are; their various types; features they pack: backdoor/sniffing/log-deleting and more. 8
Slammer: Before, During and After Marc-André Laverdière 10/04/04 A study on the Slammer - the situation before the attack of the worm, the damage caused by its spread, as well as the lessons learned from this outbreak. 5
Non Conventional Virus Attack Raúl Álvarez 06/07/04 Cyber-attack by means of 'non-conventional' virus or worms adapted to the telecom world could render unusable all major telecommunication networks of a country, paralyzing activity in critical sectors. This paper looks at the risks and weaknesses of such critical infrastructure and its possible disastrous impact on Homeland Security. 7
Information Systems Security Training: Virus & Worms Jeremy Martin 23/07/04 Introductory guide designed for security awareness training – the author briefly but effectively covers why virus & worms are made (i.e. motives of the coders), how they are spread, and how to minimize their effects. 9
Anti-Virus Evasion and Countermeasures Debasis Mohanty 07/12/04 An insightful write up into the world of creating Trojans and hiding Viruses, RATS and other malicious software. 4
The corporate threat posed by email Trojans GFI Software Ltd 22/02/05 Describing what Trojans are and why they pose a danger to corporate networks, this paper discusses the need and method to protect your network from the threat of Trojans. Submitted by GFI. 6
The Evolution of Malicious Agents Lenny Zeltser 06/05/05 Lenny is an industry expert on reverse engineering malware and has contributed his paper on the evolution of malicious agents. Also check out his site at 4
malware - Future Trends Dancho Danchev 10/01/06 Dancho Danchev submits this paper which outlines security experience, business logic, a little bit of psychology, market trends, and personal chats with knowledgeable folks from the industry about Malware. 9
Writing Behind a Buffer Angelo Rosiello 24/02/06 In this paper, Angelo Rosiello dmeonstrates examines the impact of writing behind a buffer. 5
Malware / Malicious Code - Community Contributions
Title Contributor Date Description Rating
An analysis of JB's Anti-GRC worm Obscure 06/09/02 "This particular worm, other than simply infecting the victims, will also attack the (in)famous "Security" website of Steve Gibson, GRC.COM by launching several DDOS attacks also described in this paper..."origin,infection,what it does,removal 8
Virus protection in a Microsoft Windows network, or How to stand a chance Floydman 06/09/02 Strategies that can be implemented in networked sites using Microsoft products as operating systems in order to maximize overall virus protection 8
Malware: Evolution Arun Darlie Koshy 06/09/02 evolution & characteristics of malware/intelligent worms 7
Info and Analysis of the 'Code Red' Worm SilentBlade 06/09/02 Remote ISS Index Server ISAPI Extension Buffer overflow; the structure of Code Red and the way it works; protecting your machine against the worm 5
Computer Trojan Horses Raven and The Maniac 06/09/02 A fairly comprehensive guide to trojans and remote administration tools 7
A decompilation of the Lovesan/MSBLAST Worm Dennis Elser 14/08/03 A Decompilation of the RPC blaster.worm main() routine and short description/analysis. 8
Malicious Code in Depth Mohammad Heidari 01/12/04 Worms, Viruses and Trojan Horses are some of the more popular Malicious Software out there today. This paper takes an indepth look at malicious software and gives a brief history. 9
Worms and DoS/DDoS Attacks Hang Chau 24/09/04 A paper that focuses on MyDoom and Doomjoice, some of its variants and its attack focus. 6
Spyware Explained Jonathan Read 16/10/04 A well written technical white paper that goes into detail on Spyware/Adware. Background and Detection of Spyware is discussed. 7
Spyware and The Next Level of Spyware Mitigation Kelly Lucas 25/07/05 Submitted by Kelly Lucas, an introduction into Spyware and steps to mitigate. 9
Computer Worms: Past, Present and Future Craig Fosnock 27/07/05 A comprehensive overview of worms including their history, impact on todays world, and a prediction into the future by Craig Fosnock. 9
Timing Rootkits DiabloHorn 30/12/05 DiabloHorn submits this piece on how to circumvent those that use RDTSC and RDPMC to defeat rootkits. 8
Spy? Where?: Understanding Spyware Benny C. Rayner 03/01/06 Benny Rayner submits this work on Spyware, the effects it has, a comparison against viruses, and some methods you can use to protect yourself against it. 10
Anti-Spyware: Knowledge and Software for the Home PC Nicolle Johnson 11/01/06 Nicolle Johnson discusses EULAs, tools to help combat spyware, and important steps home users can take to defend themselves. 10
The Research of the MS05039 Buffer Overflow Exploit Worm Ge Zhang 03/04/06 Ge Zhang contributes this write up on a buffer overflow in Microsoft that could allow an attacker to obtain a shell or run applications remotely. 9
The Ins and Outs of Spyware Lesley Herring 24/04/06 Lesley Herring discusses what spyware is, categories of spyware, types of spyware, symptoms of spyware, research sites to find out more information, prevention techniques, and removal tools in this contribution. 10
Trojan White Paper Aelphaeis Mangarae 10/05/06 Aelphaeis Mangarae writes this paper on Trojans defining what the are, how AV plays a part, discusses some of the more popular Trojans out there (with screen shots), how to remove a trojan, and more. 10
Malware Response and Analysis Thomas Hyslip 13/11/07 This paper, written by Thomas Hyslip, examines the response needed when your computer is infected with malware, the effect of malware programs and how to determine the changes to an operating system. 9
Malware – What It Is and How to Avoid It Daniel James 26/02/08 Daniel James submits this study on the different types of malware and how to protect against them. 10
Malware in Information Security Jared Dukes 28/11/11 Jared Dukes submits this paper on Malware. He discusses the history of Malware as well as reasons one could become infected. 9
TERMPAPER: Smart Phone Hacking Travis Mitchell 11/04/14 Travis Mitchell submits this termpaper on the risks and threats to cell phones today. 10

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