How to build and use a Honeypot

Contributed by Ralph Edward Sutton, Jr.

Everybody has gotten hacked one way or another when dealing with computers. When I ran across the idea of a honeypot and what exactly it was I became intrigued with the idea of actually getting back at these mysterious hackers. I want to build a honeypot, put it on my home network, and see what I can attract. I will build a honeypot and put it out for business. I researched what the ideal computer set up would be and built one. I will discuss the computer, how to build one, and what my results were.

In the technology driven world we live in, the value guarding of information is crucial. The ability to guard this information has become of the highest importance and an art form. With that said, as a network administrator you have to be prepared to protect your network and the information on your network with extreme and sometimes diverse measures. One of these measures is a honeypot. With a honeypot, hackers are actually allowed in to your network to a certain degree and then the ability to block them out becomes a reality by checking your logs to see who and how they are doing it.

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