Bring Your Own Devices in Business and Education

Contributed by Theresa Meza

Companies have developed policies, procedures, and guidelines to manage the information security of the computers that are provided to employees but now they must go beyond that realm. Today’s world has seen the abundant increase of mobile devices that are used on a regular basis by all people. Employees are now bringing these mobile devices to the workplace and are using them to perform work as well as access company networks and information. The management of these employees’ own devices must not only include the risk of access to company networks and information but the management of risk related to the information that is stored on the devices. This is also seen within educational institutions and must be managed from a variety of aspects within these organizations. Information security has evolved to include bring your own devices and organizations must be diligent in remaining up to date and managing the potential risks associated with these devices so that they may perform an adequate cost benefit analysis when it comes to bring your own devices.

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