Best Practices for Hiring Penetration Testing Services

Contributed by Nathan W. Dickens

The following paper will be exploring the best practices for a company looking into hiring a service provider that offers penetration testing. A brief overview will be explored for individuals who are unfamiliar with what exactly penetration testing is. The importance of penetration testing will be presented in order to give the reader a basis for justifying the reasoning behind pursuing a service provider’s offerings. The majority of the paper will be dealing with the best practices for evaluating an appropriate service provider to meet the needs of the hiring company. Certain areas will be explored such as the reputation, credibility and follow-through of the provider after the test results in order to give the customer a complete job. Procedures for the company will also be explained, as to provide them with enough information prior to going into the evaluation process. By the end the reader should be knowledgeable enough to handle working with a service provider and getting all the details necessary to successfully hire a penetration testing service provider.

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