Computer Forensics: Bringing the Evidence to Court

Contributed by Cornell Walker

Today the computer has impacted almost every facet of our lives and has become a major means of communication. One of the areas which has seen the most impact is how we maintain and store data. This data is stored in the form of logs, files, spreadsheets, or email to name a few. And along with the means to store this data, we have developed many techniques to retrieve this data.. Once retrieve, this data can be used to restore information, show a history, or used as evidence to arrive at a conclusion – even if the conclusion is within our courts. This paper takes a brief look at a new science that has developed as a result of the way we now store and maintain that data; “computer forensics,” and how this new science has impacted court decision and rulings regarding computer records. The areas of concern are: cleanliness of the evidence and how does the court define “computer records.”

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