Mobile Threats

Contributed by Adam Phelps

Most would consider us in the post PC era as we start 2014. Expected by the year of 2015 there will be more than two billion plus mobile devices. Mobile malware has been firmly established and it comes in the forms of phishing, spyware, Trojans, and worms. Malware has can be delivered through apps as well as visiting general websites. But what does this mean for those who use these fast devices for work or use them personally in our day-to-day life? In this paper, I plan to define what mobile threats are, what hackers who create the malware intend to achieve, and define different malware markets they use. These markets are to show exactly how they can affect a user and show the different vulnerabilities that exist in the mediums such as NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. This is important because helping users to know what mobile threats are can be beneficial for corporate and personal knowledge, plus to better protect our identity and personal information.

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