Practical Steps to Gaining Control of the Network Access

Contributed by Steven Thomason

Most companies are concerned about unauthorized access to their corporate network through their wireless infrastructure and rightly they should. With BYOD, wireless hackers, and others trying to infiltrate the network it is a constant challenge for the security staff to maintain a secure environment where only authorized personnel are utilizing the company resources. Today more and more programs are dedicated to managing and monitoring the wireless infrastructure but they seem to forget about LAN access and security. While some companies such as banks and government controlled or regulated sites have physical controls that help prevent this most companies don’t even know where all of their physical cables run. A manufacturing plant, for example, may have many different nooks and crannies where someone can access switches and routers on the wired network. There are cabling runs to manufacturing equipment, security devices such as badge readers and time clocks, department LANS, and the main corporate wired network. What is in place to stop anyone from finding an out of the way location and just plugging in their laptop or tablet? This paper will look at what steps companies looking to implement a network access control system should take at before making any decisions.

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