Ethical Hacking: Rationale for a Hacking Methodological Approach to Network Security

Contributed by Regina D. Hartley

The purpose of this study is to address the issues and concerns of network security professionals due to the prominence of information technologies and growing dependence on the Internet. Growing concern stems from the apparent lack of security inherent within information technologies and information systems. Such topics as identity theft and the latest computer virus are addressed in light of inherent dangers and implications from attackers world wide. Particular emphasis is placed upon the need for determining a potential proactive measure to improve network security. Measures consisting of a hacking methodology in network security to combat the exacerbating topics associated with the Internet and computer networks world wide are examined. The study includes a history of hacking, investigation into present day issues and concerns, and topics such as cyber terrorism, identity theft, and economical considerations are focused on. The study concludes by examining ethical hacking as a viable solution to network security concerns. Distinctive concentration will examine successful programs within the public and private sectors concerning penetration testing and ethical hacking.

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