Fog Computing and the Internet of Things

Contributed by Albert Dominguez V

One of the hottest topics in the field of information technology and information security is the Cloud. The term is almost inescapable and many companies are in the business of ensuring that this term is well known and massively used. Yet in many ways there are many issues with cloud computing. The issues range from the proliferation of mobile devices that access cloud infrastructures from anywhere at any time, which impacts the ability for these cloud environments to serve up requests, too the difficulty of securing the information that is being sent to and from cloud datacenters. Fog computing is what many believe is a viable solution to several of the issues associated with the current state of cloud computing. This article is intended to introduce the concept of fog computing, the anticipated impact of fog computing on the current state of cloud computing, it’s projected impact on information technology infrastructures, and the anticipated security issues associated with the fog computing concept.

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